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Our Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Personal Workers are trained to perform health care operations of all functions. Global Health for All encourages productivity and best practices, creating an unparalleled experience, and ensuring staff has the appropriate training, skills, and support to do their jobs well.



Favour Chinwe

Favour Chinwe is a very passionate and driven individual. She has worked in different sectors in health care: ER, MEDICAL,GERIATRICS,SCHOOLS,PUBLIC HEALTH and more. Awarded ADA Mbaise of Canada, she is recognized in her community for her exceptional involvement and moral support. She holds a BSc in Nursing with honors and is very hard working and accommodating.

Global health was started to extend health care services to most health care facilities and individuals who might need that extra hand, and to create more job opportunities for Nurses and care Aids across Canada. She has continued to change the face of nursing by her exceptional ways of caring and through the warmth she brings to work environment, which brightens everyone’s day. She is an amazing role model to a lot of young women.

She has traveled to most provinces as a nurse and has continued to promote health care awareness. She has great skills and ethics. Growth in all aspect of life, continuing education and self-learning and caring for people has always been her drive. She has continued to encourage health care practioners to provide the best quality care possible.